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Please find below just some of the more commonly asked questions we receive about Splash’s Swim School swimming lessons and classes.

Of course, if you have a specific question, then please do not hesitate to call Splash’s Swim School Berwick on 9707 5922, Dandenong on 9792 5461, or Pakenham on 9701 3225 we’d be glad to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell us about your swimming pools?

Our purpose-built facilities provide families with a clean and safe aquatic environment all year round.

Our heated pools are maintained to the highest hygienic standards with a world class filtration system that uses less chlorine, reduces skin and eye irritation, improves water quality and reduces water consumption.

We maintain a comfortable water temperature of 32.5° degrees and provide a vibrant pool space that caters to all ability levels and age groups.

The shallow end of our pools provides a safe learning environment, while our deep end provides students with the opportunity to practice water safety and survival skills.

Tell us about your swimming teachers?

Our unique programs are facilitated by a passionate and dedicated team of qualified teachers, who are focused on meeting the individual needs of each student.

Behind every great swimming class is a great teacher – and we are proud to offer an experienced teaching team that is friendly, energetic and professional! Our programs are accessible to all ages and abilities, with many of our aquatic educators gaining additional AUSTSWIM qualifications in infant aquatics, competitive strokes, access and inclusion.

To maintain our high teaching standards and help our team reach their full potential, we facilitate annual CPR training sessions, regular professional development workshops, performance appraisals and ongoing training and support.

We are there, every step of the way, to assist your child reach each milestone and celebrate their achievements!

What should we bring along to swimming lessons?

We provide all the equipment required for your swimming lesson. The only things that you will need to bring along are:


  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Swimming nappy (infants only)
  • A smile!

What change room facilities are available?

We pride ourselves on providing you with an aquatic facility that is well maintained and hygienic, every time you visit us.

Our modern facilities provide plenty of space for bags, towels and personal belongings. Our change rooms are air conditioned and fully equipped with temperature-controlled showers and toilets.

Can my child wear goggles?

Swimmers from Level 1 to Level 4 are discouraged from wearing goggles in lessons. A parent’s primary aim is water safety. As such, children MUST LEARN and KNOW that they can swim without goggles on. Children who learn from day one with goggles on ARE NOT as safe in the water (lakes, rivers, ocean) as those who learn without them.

It is a fact that children in Level 1 to Level 4 classes will spend less than 3 minutes with their faces in the water and should not experience eye irritation.

Swimmers Level 5 and above, goggles are recommended for eye protection, given the amount of time the face is submerged.

How do we know how are child is progressing?

There is a Certificate Booklet for each section of the program.

The Certificates outline the skills the swimmer can do, the skills being learned and the skills required to move onto the next Level.

The certificate received is the Level your child has PASSED. If for example your child is given a Level 4 certificate, they are now swimming as a Level 5 swimmer having just passed Level 4.

What is the Parents Portal?

The Parents Portal is the operating platform by UDIO that we use at Splash’s for our families.

There are many features of the UDIO Parent Portal that will save you time and make it easy to manage your swimming lessons at Splash’s. For your convenience, the Parent Portal allows you to change your lesson day and time, cancel your attendance, book make up classes, manage your payments, access invoices, view your billing account and access your QR code for self-check-in; all from the convenience of your dashboard on your phone.

The parent portal will also provide a ‘live’ record of your children’s progress including milestones and achievements at the touch of a button. You can also access and print certificates achieved at your leisure.

To access the Parent Portal for Berwick, please click on the link below:

Berwick Parent Portal

To access the Parent Portal for Dandenong, Pakenham & Clyde North please click on the link below:

Dandenong, Pakenham & Clyde North Parent Portal

Our Customer Service Team can assist you to set up your Parent Portal in less than 60 seconds, it’s that easy!

Can we take photos of our child?

If you wish to photograph or video your child during their lesson, please seek permission from our Customer Service staff. We request that you don’t take images of other children.

Out of respect for other families, we ask that no videos of Splash’s lessons be posted on social media. Photos are permitted as long as they only feature your child.

Cameras are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in change areas.

If we miss a lesson, can we organise a make up class?

All swimmers are entitled to unlimited make-ups. Simply book your make-up online at the parent portal at your convenience.

You will receive a make-up voucher, when you cancel via the parent portal, prior to the commencement of your lesson.

Make-up vouchers are valid for 3-months and can be used anytime – subject to class availability and provided you have a current booking.

Extra make-ups are also provided for all public holidays.

What if our child is unwell, can they still swim?

Your child’s health and wellbeing is extremely important to us, so we encourage everyone to be mindful of other students, families and our staff, so please keep children at home when they are unwell.

You are always the best judge of whether or not your child is feeling up to their lesson, however if in doubt, leave them out!


Purpose Built Facilities


Dedicated Austswim Qualified Teachers


Warm 32.5° Pool


Small Class Sizes


Purpose Built Facilities


Dedicated Austswim Qualified Teachers


Warm 32.5° Pool


Small Class Sizes

Learning to swim is an education, not a sport.

Every child deserves to learn the life skill of swimming.

Our Happy Parents and Rave Reviews


“Our boys have been going to Splash’s for over a year and a half and love it. They love their teachers and we believe that it is the perfect place for their development. Our boys are 6 and 3 and a half. “

Anthony Beirakdar


“Kids love learning to swim here, they couldn’t be happier.“

Chris Kelly


“Well organized, friendly ambience and a healthy fun educational experience for children.“



“It’s a very clean facility that I can recommend for child from 6 months onwards. We’ll treated swimming pool and friendly staff with highly qualified instructors. My eldest started when she was 6 months and now she’s 3+. Highly satisfied with programs they offered throughout the last 3 years.“



“Our children love their classes at Splash’s. They are so much more confident in the water. The staff are fantastic.“



“The kids love it here, the staff are really nice and get along with the kids really well. Management run an awesome school and everyone seems to actually care about the students and school. What you get is quality and professional teachers and a very well run swimming school. Highly recommended.“



“Learning to swim is not a luxury, it’s an essential skill your kids must have! Splash’s Swim School not only teaches your kid’s to swim safer for life, they do it in a way the kid’s absolutely love and learn. Great facilities and programs – Highly recommended”


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